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 Photography made easy with Avon Studios is a collection of courses covering basic techniques and skills to improve your pictures and get more enjoyment from your photography.


Now available One to one tuition on your digital camera Christmas Gift Vouchers only £34.50 including 50 prints from your camera on our in house professional photolab.

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After the success of our new  weekly evening class course over eight weeks from 7pm-9pm on Monday evenings at our  studio

  An introduction to to digital photography.We will be running the course again  January 2015.

The ideal way to get to grips with your new DSLR camera for Christmas.


  Introduction to Digital Photography (DSLR Camera's)

This course will cover picture composition; shutter speeds; f stops and depth of field; ISO; exposure compensation; metering; selecting lenses; white balance; use of flash; tripods and monopods; downloading, sorting and editing your pictures. We will also look at well known photographers and their style of work.


  Modern digital SLR cameras are capable of taking stunning images, but often they just don’t. Many users even just use them on fully automatic mode, lacking the confidence to try the manual or semi-automatic modes.


Understand why most professional photographers use Av, A, S or Tv modes. Take control of your camera! If your camera has these modes, but you never use them, this is the course for you. We’ll also look at which lenses might be right for you.


This course is also suitable for users of top-end compact and bridge cameras as well as digital SLR's cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus 


  Photography for teenagers made easy

A new course for teenagers, looking at composition, the relationship between shutter speeds and aperture and using these to get better pictures to make your friends go wow. Users should have a digital SLR or a bridge camera with maual modes for this course.


  • Understanding the various modes on your camera and using these to capture more exciting photos.
  • Best way to use, size and crop for use on social networking sites such as facebook
  • .Downloading and printing of images to best effect.
  • This is a 3 hour course with a fee of £29.50

Future Course Dates & Availability


New Dates for Autumn 2014 & 2015 coming soon



This course will take place at our studio includes weekly course notes


Course fee £97


Introduction to Digital Photography (DSLR Camera's)


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Digital SLR Photography Made Easy


A full day course giving you the skills to get to grip with your Digital SLR

Includes Lunch & Refreshments

Course fee £87

3 places available

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