£7 for your passport photo at a photobooth seems like a great deal – until it gets rejected.

There are many reasons why it might be rejected, which include the photo being of a poor quality or the wrong dimensions, they are frequently badly lit (single light) or maybe you didn’t get the right picture in the number of goes. And there’s even more things that can go wrong when it’s a child under three, starting with the fact you can’t physically support them in the booth and press the buttons at the same time!

So why doesn’t it tell you it’s likely to be rejected? Well, it’s because it doesn’t have the ICAO software that checks the photo first. We’ve had many customers who have tried multiples times on photobooths, only to have them all rejected and have their money go to waste.

So what should you do?

Our best advice is to have it professionally taken the first time-round! Our studio is expertly lit, and your photo will be taken with a professional digital camera, so you can expect a high quality photo every time. And the ICAO software which is shared with the passport office will check your photo before printing so we can guarantee your photo will be accepted first go.

Plus, you also great face to face customer service and advice on the application process from our friendly team. You won’t get that from a photobooth.

For British and Irish passports, we offer an online digital code, physical prints, or both depending on your needs and preference. Our physical prints are also perfect for Driving License, Blue Badge applications and any other form of identification. Oh, and don’t forget we do Passport and Visas photos for countries all over the world too.

To book in for your passport photo or for any other information, feel free to contact us on 01789 470663 or email us at info@avonstudios.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you soon 😊

*We do accept walk ins but cannot always guarantee we will be able to take your photo on the spot due to pre-booked passport photos or portrait shoots or our photographer being off site*