This is hopefully our last Covid-19 update regarding UK travel. 😊

 As of Friday 18th March, at 4 am the government will remove the remaining restrictions on international travel for all passengers entering the UK. This includes the passenger locator form for arrivals into UK, and removes the need for unvaccinated passengers to take a pre-departure and the day 2 post arrival test.

This step reflects the decisions taken by the government, as set out in the Living With Covid Plan. The Chief Executive of Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee said:

“A return to restriction-free travel is good news for passengers and should allow for aviation to take significant steps towards recovery. People should feel encouraged to book their long-awaited holidays, trips to see relatives and friends abroad they haven’t seen for a long time and travel to rekindle business ties with other countries.”

So, if you’re now thinking about jumping aboard an airplane for a holiday, make sure your passport is valid. It’s recommended to have six months remaining on your passport but it varies from country to country (for more information visit

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*For travel updates regarding entry into other countries please check before travelling