Before you know it, your new-born is sitting, crawling, talking, and walking, the new-born bubble has burst and wish you could just freeze time and keep them little forever! This is why investing in new-born photography is so important. Capturing those precious moments and tiny toes will be something you treasure forever.

Our new-born shoots are taken in our purpose-built photography studio in Wellesbourne, and with over 30 years photography experience you know you’ll be in good hands.

We’ll always go at your baby’s pace until we have enough images that we and you love. And as new-born photography sessions are always in the first few weeks of their life so we’ll always give you enough time to feed, change and cuddle your baby so both you and them feel as comfortable as possible

Once baby is sitting unaided then you can book in for a sitters shoot. This is normally taken around the six to twelve-month mark and are honestly so much fun. These shoots capture lots of smiles and giggles, their little personalities and how much they have changed.

You can then continue to capture their growing personalities at a shoot to celebrate their first and second birthdays! Or we can begin with a maternity shoot.

We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront about our process and prices. But if you have any question about our services please do get in touch or check out our new-born FAQs below.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Prices and Packages?

We have a range of packages to suit your wants and needs, and we can even build you your own custom one at your viewing as we know everyone’s tastes are different!

Each package is made of a sitting fee (which covers the shoot) and then the product prices are added one. We have a range of different products including wall art, prints and the digital files.

To find out more information on our products and to get an accurate price or to book your new-born photography shoot, please email us at or phone 01789 470663.

Do you offer a do a multi-shoot package?

Yes! We have a couple of different options which includes bump shoots all the way to 2nd birthdays. This is completely customisable, just let us know which shoots your interested in and we’ll provide you with a quote.

Our multi-shoot packages can include the following:

  • Bump shoot (or a pre-baby family shoot)
  • New-born Shoot (up to two weeks old)
  • Tummy Time Shoot (3-4 months)
  • Sitter’s shoot (6-9 months)
  • 1st Birthday Shoot
  • 2nd Birthday Shoot

How and when will I see the finish images?

After your shoot, we’ll then book you in for a viewing with Laura so you can see your images. Laura will work with you to choose your favourites and display them in a way which you can treasure. All whilst you enjoy some tea and biscuits!

When should you book?

It’s best to book while you’re still pregnant, just let us know your due date! This is because we can only fit so many new-born shoots in per week and because we reserve a barrier around the due date for those early and late arrivals so we’re not rushing to fit everybody in before the new-born stage ends.

What if my baby cries or is unsettled?

We want these images to be as perfect as you do so we want your little one to feel as comfortable as possible so if that means some extra cuddles, we’re more than happy to wait. We a lot a large chunk of time for each new-born shoot to allow for any normal baby things such as changing and feeding! If they’re so unsettled that neither you or us think we’ll get any images, then we’ll reschedule the shoot entirely!

Can you bring their siblings?

Of course, please just let us know in advance. However, do remember a new-born shoot can be up to 4/5 hours long which can make it a long day for young children especially toddlers, so we recommend having someone to pick them up once we’ve captured all the images that includes them (we’ll always take these first whilst we have their attention)

What if the unexpected happens?

We’re wishing you all a healthy and straightforward pregnancy and genuinely hope that no one has to experience losing a baby or having a baby in the NICU. But we know that sometimes no matter what we do, some babies end up watching us from above or become the best fighters. If you do experience a loss, please do get in contact with us (we know it might not be the first thing on your mind) and we’ll give you a full refund of any money you may have paid upfront.

And if your baby ends up spending a little bit more time in hospital than imagined then we’ll happily change your date to one that suits. We know that this is an extremely stressful time for families so there is no rush to pick a new date, we just ask that you keep us updated when you can. We’ll continue to look forward to the day that we get to capture those tiny fingers and toes.