Avon Studios are the only photography studio in the Stratford and Warwickshire area able to offer a digital photography passport service with a secure digital code for both UK and Irish passport online applications. Our system ensures your UK or Irish passport photo will 100% guaranteed be accepted on your online application.

Studio Manager Andrew Sheppard¬† explained ” Passport photos no longer need to be printed just to be scanned later. Applicants use a code to submit their passport photo, not the photo itself. The photograph is stored securely and encrypted without anybody being able to change or replace it. Online applications including the Irish online passport renewal www.dfa.ie/passportonline

accept our codes to use on your passport application”

You can also apply online with our digital passport photo code with the UK passport service www.gov.uk/apply-renew-passport

this now applies for all passport applications including babies and infants.

digital passport photo service